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Seattle Weekly Likes Brimmer & Heeltap, Seattle Times Goes Spanish at Aragona

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Brimmer & Heeltap [Photo: Annie C./Yelp]

This week, the Seattle Weekly's Nicole Sprinkle headed over to Ballard for dinner at Brimmer & Heeltap. The month-old restaurant from Mike Whisenhunt (Revel, Joule) and Jen Doak (everywhere in Seattle) gets props for their cushy buns with kabocha, pork shoulder with kimchi, and creative takes on desserts. The rabbit crepinette and rice pudding parfait are deemed "disasters," while overall she gives the restaurant the green light for cozy, feelings-rich dinners and late nights. As for the cocktails for which the restaurant is named (the brimmer being the first sip, the heeltap the last), there is no mention, so you'll have to do your own research on that front.

Meanwhile, Seattle Times critic Providence Cicero tucked in for the full experience at Jason Stratton's new Spanish spot, Aragona. Where B&H's rice pudding may have fallen flat, the Times praises Aragona's version, with components like passion fruit curd. The "fully realized dining experience" includes an artistically built dining room, great service, and flavors of Spain's mountains and oceans. Highlights of the menu are a chicken made two ways, with the thigh braised with foie gras, squid, and white bean stew, a tortilla española shot through with sea urchin, and a geoduck-dotted Arroz caldoso. Drinkwise, everything from the "erudite" wine list to the dark Novela Negra cocktail warrants nods.


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Brimmer & Heeltap

425 N.W. Market St., Seattle WA

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