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How 12 Seattle Tastemakers Celebrated the Super Bowl

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl. Did you hear? Unless you were living under a rock, you likely celebrated the city's first Super Bowl win somehow. Did you streak naked through the street (being sure to stop at every crosswalk, of course)? Throw your hands in the air and sing a ballad to the city that raised these champions? Or just grab yourself a shot glass and a chicken wing?

Eater was curious what some of Seattle's favorite children were doing when the Seahawks made history on Sunday, Feb. 2, so we asked a team of them what they were doing, who they were with, and what they were shoving in their gobs to celebrate the birds.

Brendan McGill, owner, Altstadt & Hitchcock
I was at Altstadt! I brought my mom down to watch the game, then strolled up 1st through the pandemonium for carpaccio and a grappa at Il Bistro.

Aaron Willis, chef, Delicatus
I spent that glorious day in a neighborhood sports bar in Williamsburg, cheering on my Seahawks in a 12th Man jersey, surrounded by Hawks fans. We ate buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and meatballs, all covered in gravy. We washed the grub down with the United States' oldest brewery — and one damn tasty lager — Yuengling. A few shots were had with the victory — or maybe after every time we scored.

Leigh Bezezekoff, manager, The Maldives
I was at a friend's place, drinking Angry Orchard hard cider and eating guacamole. Besides the sore throat from screaming, I was elated! Everyone was jumping up and down and hugging. We put on Macklemore and The Maldives "Time is Right Now."

Robert Rowland, bar manager, Oliver's Twist
I was with ¾ of the Oliver's staff at (owner) Dan's house. He cooked fingerling potatoes stuffed with lobster salad and Angela made her famous chili. More than half the guests stepped in dog shit and saw where the raccoons ate Dan's chicken. We drank a case of Fernet Branca mini bottles between five people. I did a weird Native American Indian dance everytime the Hawks scored. A one-year-old gashed my forehead with her fingernail.

John "Grynch" Overlie, rapper
I was at my friend Tim's house in Sunset Hill, eating Skittles and drinking cans of Rainier. Pretty sure I had a few pulls from a bottle of Fireball here and there, too…

Zephyr Paquette, executive chef, Coastal Kitchen
I was at the top of a condo in downtown Seattle, enjoying guacamole and fajitas and great wine with awesome friends. I could hear the city and see fireworks from everywhere at Westlake. It was surreal, electric.

Brady Sprouse, bartender, Smith
I was at a friend's house in Duvall competing in a chili cook-off called The L.O.B. (Legion of Beans), which I fucking won! It was a semi-traditional Texas chili, except for the beans and the scallion cheddar cornbread topping. I was drinking Dick's Brewing 12 Man Pale, Double Mountain Vaporizer, and Czech Fernet. My girlfriend made queso dip and someone made mini brownies with little Reese's peanut butter cups inside. They were amazing. It was all amazing.

Marshall Jett, owner, Veraci Pizza
I was eating a delicious juicy elk burger, cooked medium-rare, and drinking organic pale ale at Elliot Bay Brewery in Lake City. I drank a lot of water, along with the beer, to help my body deal with the insane amount of food. It was so joyous and celebratory, and we were in the basement so it was like a private party. There was a lot of yellin' and high-fivin' and screamin' and dancin'!

Brian O'Conner, chef, The Hollywood Tavern
I was at home screaming at my TV by myself, drinking Rainier and eating wings that I didn't have to cook myself. I enjoy having people prepare food for me when I'm off, so I bought 'em at Wing Zone — not a very good story, I know, but it was nice to be off work and it's rare that I get to watch uninterrupted football.

Tyler Stamon, bartender, Stoneburner
I was hanging out with five close friends at a house because I was too anxious to be in public. I alternated between biting my nails in anticipation and eating baked beans, cocktail weenies (enter joke here), and seven layer dip while slamming Rainier tall boys!! Wouldn't have changed it for the world. Perfect setting for THE GREATEST GAME EVER!!!

Anu Apte, owner, Rob Roy
I was at The Post game room with my boyfriend and all our neighbors. It's on the 16th floor of my building. I ate one Skittle for good measure, one slice of pizza, and some snap peas. We were drinking Stone IPA and Bitburger and a pour of Bowmore 15.

Mike O'Brien, City Council Member
I was eating a pulled pork sandwich on a Macrina bakery potato roll that my mom made and drinking a Mongoose IPA from Hales. We were watching the game with families from India and Jamaica at our house. As you can imagine, there was a lot of cheering going on.

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