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Pioneer Square's Dome Burger to Revamp into BRGR Bar

More changes are en route for the burgeoning Pioneer Square: Seattle Met reports the 27-year-old Dome Burger — a late-night haunt serving options like a sweet chili kimchi burger — will soon transform into the slightly more upscale BRGR Bar. Per Seattle Met, the new restaurant will still serve hamburgers, but will also offer "some creations that reflect the chef's and owner's Korean heritage," including kalbi rice bowls and spins on Korean tacos.

In recent weeks, everything from Matt Dillon's the London Plane to Josh Henderson's Quality Athletics and Cone and Steiner have opened in — or plan to soon open — in Pioneer Square. The Dome Burger/BRGR Bar revamp will make it official this Thursday, March 13.
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The space formerly known as Dome Burger. [Photo: Foursquare]


111 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA