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Which Local Neapolitan Pizza Chain is The Best? Vote!

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Tutta Bella and Via Tribunali have a lot in common. Each pizza spot serves certified Neapolitan pies. Both have multiple locations (five for Tutta Bella across Seattle the the 'burbs, four for Via Trib in Seattle, plus a Portland and NYC location.)

Tutta Bella opened its first shop in 2004 in Columbia City. Via Trib launched its first location in Capitol Hill that same year.

Via Trib flew masons from Naples to build its wood-burning Vesuvius oven with Italian bricks. Tutta Bella was the first pizzeria in the Northwest to score certification from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. (Via Trib is also a member.)

But geeky factoids, family-friendliness (one point Tutta Bella) wine lists (one point Via Trib) and tiramisu (tie) aside, it all comes down to one question: Where can you scarf down the best piece of pizza? Eater is taking it to the polls.

Poll results

Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria

4918 Rainier Avenue S, Columbia City, WA 98118 206 721 3501 Visit Website

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