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Pizza and Beer Pairings From Seattle Chefs and Owners

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[Photos: Liz W./Yelp & Dipesh G./Yelp]

Pizza is one of those magical foods that pretty much tastes good with anything. And while some are purists about what they drink with their slices, pizza and beer are scientifically (nope) proven to be a match made in heaven.

As part of Eater's Pizza Week, some of Seattle's most knowledgeable pizza and pairing experts weigh in on their perfect duo.

Mike Easton, Chef/Owner, Il Corvo and Pizzeria Gabbiano
For a pizza place, The Independent Pizzeria in Madison Park: the Syracuse (Grana Padano, Gaeta olive, Mama Lil's peppers, capers, garlic) — with anchovies, of course! — and whatever rotating crisp lager they have on tap. For delivery, Hot Mama's cheese pizza, cooked well done, and topped with my own personal stash of New Mexico Hatch green chile (not that Anaheim fake shit) with an ice cold Tecate to wash it down. ('cuz I'm from New Mexico, of course.)

Bill Coury, Owner, Flying Squirrel Pizza
Flying Squirrel's seasonal special, "Boston Spaceships" with Salumi Dario (nutmeg-rich) salami, caramelized onions, and mozz. It's best with the Sound Brewing porter — herby, rich, and delicious.

Brian O'Connor, Chef, Hollywood Tavern
I'm a New York pizza kinda guy. It should have a chewy crust, greasy cheese, lots of meat, and a sauce that's not too sweet. I tend to eat it with any lighter, lager-style beer. I'm actually a fan of many pizza shops in Seattle. World Pizza in the I.D. makes a great pie, and so does Big Mario's.

Matsuko Soma, Chef/Co-Owner, Miyabi 45th
The Crocodile still uses the oven from Via Tribunali, and their pizzas have great, great crusts. I like mine with Italian sausage, peppers, and anchovies. The best pairing is Fremont Brewing's Interurban IPA. It's so green, it's like eating a salad...but beer.

Marshall Jett, Owner, Veraci Pizza
I love Manny's — I've been a fan since 2001, before they started. One of our friends was roommates with Manny at the UW and the smooth, floral flavors balances well with the boldness of Veraci's Wild Boar pizza. It's made with OLLI Salumeria's wild boar salami, garlic-infused Sicilian red sauce, and topped with grilled green onions.

Kim Jones, Co-Founder, Washington Beer Blog
I love traditional pizza toppings the best, with wood-fired, thinner crust. One of the best is the sweet fennel sausage pizza at Serious Pie paired with a big, hoppy IPA like Georgetown Lucille.
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