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Seattle Pizza Slice ID

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[Photo: Zack Bent]

Outside of its box, a slice of cheese pizza can look a little naked. Think you know your pie of choice, no matter what? Prove it.

Eater hit up eight pizzerias over the weekend and made a single pie out of a slice from each shop. In addition to bragging rights, winners will receive honorary membership in the proverbial Eater Seattle Pizza Week Hall of Fame.

Slices, in alphabetical order:
Big Mario's
Hot Mama's
Pizza Hut
Tutta Bella

Answer Key:
1. Veraci
2. Hot Mama's
3. Mod
4. World
5. Pizza Hut
6. Pagliacci
7. Big Mario's
8. Tutta Bella
· All Pizza Week 2014 Coverage [-ESEA-]

Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria

4918 Rainier Avenue S, Columbia City, WA 98118 206 721 3501 Visit Website

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