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Go-To Pizza Picks from 23 Seattle Tastemakers

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Pizza Week 2014 would not be complete if we didn't ask some of our favorite chefs and restaurant owners for their pie picks. Here, in alphabetical order, are the go-to pizzerias of almost two dozen Seattle tastemakers.

Manu Alfau, Chef/Owner, La Bodega
Independent Pizzeria, because it tastes the best. The wine is great and the prices are killer. Also, it's a romantic date place.

Kevin Burzell, Chef/Owner, Kedai Makan
We love Pizzeria 22 in West Seattle. There's good pizza, a cozy atmosphere, and good people work there.

David Butler, Owner, Le Caviste
Bar del Corso on Beacon Hill. Great dough recipe; perfectly made; does not traffic in trendy/fusion-y toppings; the rest of the menu there positively kicks ass.

Christian Chandler, Executive Chef, Serafina Osteria & Enoteca
Via Tribunali. I love their thin crust and that they use a hand crank prosciutto slicer for the perfect cuts of prosciutto.

Sam Crannell, Chef/Owner, Lloyd Martin
Kylie's Chicago Pizza in Fremont. So far it's the closest to the real Chicago deal. I get sausage and pepperoni, it's like a taste of home.

Heather Earnhardt, Owner, The Wandering Goose
Proletariat Pizza in White Center. It's super casual, laid back, and family friendly. The owners have their own two kids running around the place while they're working—their son will sometimes even sit with us while we eat and share a slice of pizza! We always order the 'Favorite,' which has Mondo's Italian sausage, chopped fresh garlic, Mama Lil's peppers, and fresh mozzarella.

Charlie Garrison and Tyler Palagi, Chefs, Radiator Whiskey
We love Proletariat Pizza in White Center! Its the best! A great young family owns it. They care about White Center and are doing their part to improve it. Plus, the pizza is absolutely delicious. Great crust, great toppings, great beer. Perfect.

Josh Kelly, Chef/Owner, Good Bar (Opening Soon), Former Chef at Marination
Proletariat Pizza. While maybe not in Seattle proper, this place is well worth the short trip south to White Center. Aside from just being great people, they also make really, really, really good pizza. The thin crust is the perfect combination of crunch on the outside and chew on the inside with the sauce/cheese/topping ratio is always spot on. The first time I had pizza from Proletariat it was excellent. The 50th time I had pizza from Proletariat it was even better. They also always have a very well thought out selection of local craft beers on tap and an amazing Caesar salad. That's all I need.

Jacky Lo, Chef, Wild Ginger
Zeeks Pizza. Their crust has the perfect crunch. They also give out pizza dough for kids to play with which is always a nice touch.

Paul Odom, Owner, Fonté Café and Fonté Roaster
I'm proud of our Neopolitan pizzas at Fonte Café, the margherita, sausage and fungi. But I also find myself at Tutta Bella a lot. My kids love the margherita and cheese pizza and it's a great place to take the family.

Tiffany Ran, Cook, The Walrus and the Carpenter, Owner, Blind Cock Media
Humble Pie on Rainier is a great newcomer that will tie me over until Mike Easton opens Pizzeria Gabbiano. Humble Pie has some great toppings including some vegetarian options when you want something light. And there's Hitchcock's Bruciato pop up (my favorite pizza I've had here by far) headed by, in my opinion, Seattle's best pizzaiolo Brandon Thompson (who is going on to work at Brendan McGill's Georgetown Hitchcock Deli). And also, a personal shout-out to Brandon Pettit and the folks at Delancey for feeding the hungry crew at Walrus.

Josh Reynolds, Owner, Bluebird
My favorite pizza in Seattle is Big Mario's. I'm from NY, and it's the closest thing I've found to a real NY slice. When it first opened, my Northwest-born-and-raised girlfriend had never experienced anything like it, and quickly developed a "pizza problem." We make trips often. Cornuto in Phinney Ridge deserves an honorable mention shout-out for the best pizza happy hour in town. Free pizza 5-6 p.m. Sunday through Thursday! I feel like a lot of people don't know about it. Their pizza is delicious, but totally different than my preferred NY style.

Joe Rieke, Chef, GROG, Ballard Annex Oyster House, Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen
Big Mario's. It epitomizes what the pizza experience that should be! Hot, fast, cheap, and extremely f*&king delicious. The starter & saver of a night out on the Hill.

Angie Roberts, Chef, Marination ma kai, Marination Station, Marination Mobile
My favorite pizza in town is Big Mario's. I love the crispness of the crust. To me, texture is everything when it comes to pizza. I keep it simple with the pepperoni.

Derek Ronspies, Chef/Owner, Le Petit Cochon
Kylie's Pizza in Fremont. 'Cause I'm from Chicago and yeah, it may not be authentic Chicago Pizza...but it's f'n good and it makes me happy!

Shane Ryan, Chef, Matt's in the Market
I like the pizza from Bar del Corso. They have great ingredients and the crust is awesome! I love the random "char bubbles" that pop up throughout the pie. It's great to start in the center and cut your own slice. Then you can decide if you want to roll it or fold it and slam it in your mouth. It's perfect!

Nate Simmons, Executive Chef, Cicchetti
I like Tutta Bella's Napoli pizza-salad because it's a pizza and salad all in one!

Mutsuko Soma, Chef/Owner, Miyabi 45th
Crocodile Cafe. They have the Via Tribunali wood fire oven that makes a super good crust for just $5. It's perfect with cheap beer late at night, not too greasy, and it's the perfect size.

Nat Stratton-Clarke, Owner, Cafe Flora
Bar del Corso. Incredible crust, they use the freshest ingredients, and I know I will always get an amazing pizza.

Jake Vorono, Cook, Blind Pig Bistro
I gotta say my favorite pizza place is the one that is open and nearby. I don't think of Seattle as being a big pizza city so between 1-3 a.m. after 'hydrating' thoroughly, anything will do. If I'm going to try to impress a lady I would most likely head to Bar del Corso: amazingly affordable, lovely space, great service, and solid seasonal pies.

Anna Wallace, Dining Room Manager, Dot's and Proprietor, Seattle Seltzer Co.
While I'm no pizza snob I am definitely a pizza lover. The good, the bad, and the ugly! Fortunately for me, my favorite pizza joint, Delancey, has pizza as lovely to look at as it is to eat. House-made pickled goodies, perfectly blistered dough and a total family environment are just rewards for waiting patiently for a table. I'm sorry as I'm sure everyone and their mother said the same thing, but this place is the jam and pretty close to my heart.

Brandon Weaver, Director of Strategy, Slate Coffee and Owner, Matte and Gloss
Delancy. The ingredients. So carefully prepared and intentional. There is always something new and interesting to try on the menu and the people making the food are in it cause they love putting flavors together. The environment helps, too. Great wine, beer and cocktails from the adjoined Essex are all stellar and perfectly curated to suit the pizza. Its a win win win.

Rachel Yang, Chef/Owner Joule, Revel, Quoin
The Ridge in Phinney. There are some obvious great pizzas in town, like Delancey which I am sure a lot of people will mention. I would recommend The Ridge because it's all around great pizza for the family with kids. Sturdy crust with good chewiness and a slightly crispy bottom makes it a kid favorite.
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