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Seattle's Pizza Delivery Horror Stories

Sometimes, pizza orders are botched and good deliveries go bad. Sometimes, drivers or customers become lovestruck and post on Craigslist Missed Connections. And sometimes, pizza delivery drivers become heroes. Here, now, are a handful of nutty, stupid, and even valiant Seattle-area anecdotes from the world of pizza delivery.

"You asked me a quick question by my black truck about tipping delivery drivers with weed. Shoulda got your name and number! Seem like a cool stoner chick. Hit me up?" [Craigslist]

"One time my coworker was delivering and someone tried to give a check numbered under 2000, which violates Alfy's policy. My friend tried to explain, and customer became very angry. Instead of finding alternate payment he took the pizza boxes and slammed them on top of the car Walter White-style, pizza going everywhere." [Tipline]

"Wow this must be so cliche. Ahh! You delivered my pizza tonight, and I think you are really handsome. I would like to get to know you and take you out sometime. Well, if you think it's me, I think there are a few things to confirm the guess." [Craigslist]

"My friend was delivering pizza for Papa John's. He got to the house and everyone was outside looking up at the roof and waving around. There was a little girl who climbed up, but she was like a cat and she couldn't climb down. He exclaimed, "I can do it!" They got a ladder, and he climbed up and got her down. A few days later, he received a personal letter from the owner of Papa John's saying thank you." [Tipline]

"I feel terrible, I delivered a pizza to you at Cruisin' Coffee and you tipped well. Then I bought a coffee and forgot to tip, like an asshole. I just got off a long shift and somehow it slipped my mind. This is the only way I could think to apologize so I'm sorry. If I ever take a delivery there again I'll be sure to tip double or just pay for the pizza." [Craigslist]

Pizza delivery isn't involved here per se, but this one is pretty apocalyptic: Everyone is stuck at Stevens pass due to avalanche control and they just ran out of pizza! [Reddit]
[Photo: Pinke/Flickr]
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