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Restaurant Marron Opening in the Loveless Building

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After housing a handful of short-lived restaurants over the past decade (remember Coco La Ti Da or Fork?) it looked like Philippe Thomelin's Olivar had broken the curse on the space at 806 E. Roy in the Loveless Building. But after six years, Olivar will close at the end of April. Now it's up to Restaurant Marron. Allecia Vermillion at Nosh Pit reports that, come summer, Eric and Zarina Sakai will open a new fine dining concept in the space.

Sakai has spent time in the kitchen at high-end restaurants in the past, including the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole and Diamond Head Grill in Hawaii. In Seattle, he's worked as chef at Belltown's Some Random Bar. Sakai is aiming to carry over the welcoming nature of a neighborhood spot to Restaurant Marron while serving modern tastes inspired by classic French preparation methods.

Diners will be able to choose either a four-course tasting menu for $59 or a "carte blanche" option that includes between 16 and 18 small plates and costs in the neighborhood of $189. Instead of a traditional menu, Sakai is creating take home sheets commemorating each meal, a la The French Laundry. Look for doors to open in June.
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Restaurant Marron

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