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Voracious Award Winners; Tacocat Ice Cream

AWARDS SEASON— Seattle Weekly announced its 2014 Voracious Award recipients today: Josh Henderson's Westward snags the Zeitgeist award for its "dynamite" menu and "polished yet completely approachable style." Most Innovative Local Producer/Drink accolades go to Epic Ales, "taking us to strange and new dimensions of beer." Winners will be honored at tomorrow night's Voracious Tasting at the Paramount. [Seattle Weekly]

CAFFEINE NATION— Our friends at Sprudge have unleashed their "Everywhere You Should Eat, Drink, and Have Fun In Seattle" guide for coffee industry folk headed to this weekend's Specialty Coffee Association of America conference at the Convention Center. The post includes picks for, "Places To Eat That Don't Suck," including Joule, Din Tai Fung, Maneki, and the many restaurants of Tom Douglas, Renee Erickson, Matt Dillon, and Ethan Stowell. [Sprudge]

TREND REPORT— It all started when Full Tilt released an ice cream flavor with Mudhoney, who later appeared at an in-store at the ice creamery's tiny flagship scoop shop in White Center. Now, Nosh Pit reports on the growing local "Musician-Inspired Ice Cream Flavor" trend. Bluebird is jumping aboard with a new Choco-Tacocat flavor in honor of Seattle's Tacocat. Says Allecia Vermillion, "Though like the band, choco tacos probably have their own fan base amongst the pot-smoking and premenstrual sets." [Seattle Met]

[Photo: S. Pratt]

Bluebird Microcreamery

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