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Kaisho Suddenly Shutters; to be Replaced by Blue C Event Space and Test Kitchen

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[Photo: S. Pratt]

After five months, Kaisho is now closed. The downtown Bellevue izakaya spot from the owners of Blue C and Boom Noodle will become an event space and test kitchen for Blue C.

Senior Vice President/Chief Culinary Officer of Madison Holdings (Boom, Blue C) Jeffrey Lunak tells Eater, "It wasn't an easy decision, we've been debating it internally for a few weeks now. He cites Blue C's expansion into California, including new stores in Orange County and San Francisco, as part of a reason for the change: "We figured the best thing for the company was to really focus in on that expansion as well as that kind of creativity."

Lunak continues:

Our expansion is kind of going gangbusters right now in California, and from a local perspective we have a very increasing need for a private event space and catering space for Blue C Sushi as well as the need for a full-fledged, full time test kitchen. So we're going to be taking over the entire space where Kaisho resides as well as the upstairs. We're going to be using that for private events, catering opportunities, as well as kind of a culinary incubator of sorts."

Some of Kaisho's menu items will show up on the event space's catering offerings, and new Kaisho locations may be in the works. Lunak says, "As far as Kaisho, there's more to come. That chapter hasn't fully been written yet."
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