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Queen Anne Rentals, Day Trippin' To Whidbey Island

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.


[Photo: Brandi Lane]

QUEEN ANNE—They say rent is out of control in Seattle. Hidden beneath all of that rhetoric is the truth that there are still decent places available to rent in town. We try to find them and this week we looked around Queen Anne to discover what you can get for $1,200/month. Check out our findings.

SOUTH LAKE UNION—Paul Allen's Vulcan Real Estate is no stranger to property in South Lake Union and they'll be adding to their neighborhood footprint soon with plans for two six-story office buildings at 300 8th Ave N & 333 8th Ave N. The stretch of 8th Ave. that would run between the buildings may end up "zig-zagging." Check out the renderings to find out what it'll look like.

WHIDBEY ISLAND— Welcome hot, summery weather! Seattle's great and all, but now's the season to take a drive out of town and explore the many wonders of Western Washington. We've mapped out a perfect day trip to Whidbey Island, complete with breakfast & lunch hotspots and more hikes than you could possibly do (but we dare you anyway.)