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Win an INC(RED)IBLE Kitchen

500x350_EaterRED_SP%20%26%20Ded.jpgFrom June 1st-10th, (RED)—which has raised $250 million to fight AIDS to date— has teamed up with Chef Mario Batali, Pat LaFrieda to turn the food & drink world (RED). Restaurants, bars, food trucks and everyone in between will be offering (RED) dishes & cocktails to raise money and awareness to help fight AIDS. We want home-cooking fans to get involved too.

Eater partnered with Le Creuset, Vitamix, Plated and (RED) to give away The INC(RED)IBLE Kitchen. What does that entail? We are talking a 20-piece Le Creuset cookware set, a Professional Series 750 Vitamax blender, and a 6-month membership and 6 boxes of Plated. With all of this, you will be able to create and share your own (RED) recipes.

Visit to see all of the restaurants serving (RED) dishes and cocktails in your area and more ways to help #86AIDS. Enter to win this unbelievable kitchen before it's too late. >>