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This Week in PNW Food News: Portland's Best Booze Fests; Vancouver's Night Market

[Richmond Night Market. Photo: Robyn Hanson]

VANCOUVER— One of the city's most anticipated openings, TV chef Vikram Vij's My Shanti should be finally opening its doors this weekend. Sure, you'll have to go all the way out to South Surrey but this culinary tour around Vikram's favorite places in India - and beyond - should be worth it. The other big news this week is the opening of Richmond's night market, thousands made their way there to check out this year's Magical Candyland Theme and snap up this summer's must-eat Puffy Crunch Corn Ice-Canes. [EVAN]

PORTLAND— Planning a trip to Portland later this summer? Do as the locals do and drink outdoors: Eater PDX takes a look at the nine best booze-fueled events on the city's calendar from now until the end of June, featuring toasts to Belgian beers, urban wineries, and gluten-free ciders. In case you're planning to fly through Portland's iconically carpeted PDX, there's beer to be found inside the airport, as well. [Eater PDX]

VANCOUVER—For those days when you don't plan to sink a whole bottle but just want the perfect glass of wine, may we present a carefully curated map of eleven excellent value wine-by-the-glass winners across Vancouver. And if you need something to read while you sip, try this: a chef's manifesto from ex-Top Chef Canada contestant Curtis Luk from the all-vegetarian Parker restaurant. [EVAN]

PORTLAND— On a downer note, it was a rough week for breakfast fans in Rose City: N. Mississippi's charming Muddy's Coffeehouse quietly closed up shop last week, while North Portland icon Beaterville announced it'll shutter on Monday, May 26. [Eater PDX]