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Stout Coming to Capitol Hill; Starbucks Record Broken for Most Expensive Coffee-ish Concoction

CAPITOL HILL—Tap House Grill owner Paul Reder is opening a 5,700-square-foot pub called Stout in the Sunset Electric building on Pine and 11th, reports CHS. Featuring "accessible" food and "the best in Pacific Northwest beer" the restaurant and bar is scheduled to open by the end of the year. [CHS]

'BUCKSWIRE—The record for the most expensive drink ordered at Starbucks has been shattered. With 60 shots of espresso, the "sexatinguple vanilla bean mocha Frappuccino" was sold to a man who carried in his own 128-oz. glass. A member of the coffee giant's customer loyalty program, he qualified for a free drink and didn't have to pay the $54.75 price tag. The previous record for the most costly S-bucks beverage ever ordered was $47.30. [-EN-]

ARBITRARY LISTICLES—Esquire dropped its list of Best Bars in America 2014, with venerable U-District dive Blue Moon Tavern and Capitol Hill craft cocktail bar Canon making the cut. Finalists were chosen with the help of cocktail historian David Wondrich. [Esquire]
[Photo: Blue Moon Tavern/Facebook]


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