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New Caffe Vita and Pizza Shop Coming to Belltown; Allen Stone Pop-Up Dinner


COMING ATTRACTIONS—Belltown's upcoming performance venue Black Mountain will include a neighboring bar, pizza spot, and new Caffe Vita location. CHS reports that construction on the all-ages club has begun. Having slight déjà vu? Vita owner Mike McConnell opened an outpost of his Via Tribunali pizzeria inside Belltown's Crocodile in 2009 before closing it in 2010. [CHS]

POP-UP REPORT— Soul singer Allen Stone's organ player Greg Ehrlich also happens to be an aspiring chef. Ehrlich is putting on an informal pop-up dinner backstage before Stone's set at Chateau Ste. Michelle this Friday. Three courses of SE Asian-inspired food paired with wine are free to eight randomly selected people with tickets to the show. Email to be considered, winners for the meal will be notified later tonight. [EaterWire]

MEALS ON WHEELS—Over at The Seattle Times, Rebekah Denn asks, "are food trucks as clean as restaurants?" It looks like it, at least according to one new study. Out of 260,000 health inspection reports examined in cities around the U.S. by the Institute for Justice (note: the non-profit "works to defeat anti-competitive restrictions that violate the constitutional rights of street vendors to earn an honest living,") Seattle was the only place where food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants produced similar scores. Surprisingly, trucks earned better inspection scores than restaurants in the half dozen other cities examined in the study. [Seattle Times]