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Holy Crap, Vancouver's Meat & Bread is Opening a Seattle Location

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[Photo: Meat & Bread's always-packed Gastown location. Meat & Bread/Facebook]

In massive restaurant news, it looks like Meat & Bread, the insanely popular Vancouver-based sandwich shop, is opening a Seattle outpost. CHS broke the story, reporting that founders Cord Jarvie and Frankie Harrington are launching their first U.S. location in Capitol Hill's Central Agency. John Sundstrom's upcoming restaurant trifecta Lark, Bitter/Raw, and Slab Sandwich + Pie will share space in the building with Meat & Bread.

To get a sense of what Meat & Bread's Seattle location might look like during the lunch rush check out these photos from Eater Vancouver.

No word yet on when the restaurant will open, although the building is scheduled to be complete this autumn. Prep your stomach with this sample menu.
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