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Restaurants Against $15 Minimum Wage Face Boycott

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[Photo: Mr. Villa/Facebook]

Workers' rights group Working Washington has called for a boycott against Seattle businesses that oppose Seattle's $15 minimum wage, including several restaurants and bars, reports KOMO. The 22 businesses (some are owned by the same individuals) are affiliated with Forward Seattle, a group favoring a wage floor of $12.50 an hour that would be implemented over a five-year period. Forward Seattle is collecting signatures through the end of the June to put their referendum on the November ballot.

The list includes Fremont bakery Flying Apron, Mr. Villa, El Norte, Liberty Bar, Poquitos, and Von Trapp's. Both Poquitos and Von Trapp's are co-owned James Weimann, who tells PubliCola he's "not affiliated with Forward Seattle," although a Poquitos investor contributed $150 to the group.

Working Washington says the group of businesses on the boycott list are comprised of, "right-wing conservatives, real-estate developers, and corporate executives." Mr. Villa and El Norte owner Kathrina Tugadi tells KOMO, "They're bullying us. They want to quiet our voices, muffle our voices, stop the democratic process, and we're just not going to let them do it."
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Flying Apron Bakery

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