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Pizzeria Gabbiano Update; Miyabi 45th's Ramen Night

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PIONEER SQUARE—Pizzeria Gabbiano, Mike Easton's sure-to-be-a-hit Pioneer Square pizza shop is now shooting for a July opening. Seattle Mag's Julien Perry reports that while the chef had originally planned to cook thin pizzas "directly on stone" he's decided to bake the pies in special pans imported from Italy, "absolutely the opposite of what everyone else in town is doing." Seattle Mag has a visual of a pizza bread-esque sample. [Seattle Mag]

WALLINGFORD—Japanese gastropub Miyabi 45th has made a name for itself with its handmade soba, but for one night chef/owner Mutsuko Soma is bringing ramen into the mix. This Sunday's Ramen Night menu includes two options: the Jiro-style Chyashu ramen and Soma Ramen with shoyu broth, plus a couple of new menu items. Show up and slurp—no reservations are required. [EaterWire]

CAPITOL HILL—Than Brothers is now serving bowls of pho on the other side of Broadway. CHS reports that the shop officially opened in its new location at 527 Broadway E yesterday. [CHS]
[Photo: S. Pratt]

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