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Flying Squirrel Opens Tomorrow in Georgetown and Bill Coury is Totally Freaking Out (in a Good Way)

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[Photos: S. Pratt]

Bill Coury, the owner of Flying Squirrel Pizza, is opening the pie shop's third location at 11 a.m. tomorrow. Needless to say, a lot has gone into the preparation, and there's still a few more details Coury has to finish up. Eater caught up with the restaurateur as he was putting some final touches on the space to snap some photos.

"When we open tomorrow, it's going to be Flying Squirrel kind of as Flying Squirrel. We're not going to add any major new menu items yet." The biggest new addition is the summer pizza, The Strawberry Alarm, with Zoe's Meats coppa, toasted walnuts, Laura Chenel goat cheese, and sliced strawberries. "They are cooked and it is badass. There's sauce and mozz of course, but the strawberries add an acidity to the sauce that makes it pretty mindblowing."

When we talked to Coury in March, he mentioned that sandwiches will make the menu, since this is the first FS to serve lunch. Although he plans to add them, he says he wants to "wait till we get our bearings in the new space."

As far as hiccups in the building process, there was nothing too major. Oh, except the kitchen. "Yeah, we didn't realize we had to build a whole new kitchen floor! Everything else went with the typical normal hiccups you get in a restaurant build-out, with nothing really that bad. But the floor thing, that sucked. That put a damper on the budget."

The timing is perfect, says Coury, as the patio is "killer" with 10 tables and a "secluded little courtyard with trees."

And drinkers can relax, because the bar will be divided from the restaurant "just like the Seward Park" location. There are 12 bar stools, three bar tables, and a little wall.

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