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Best Spots For Stoners, San Juan Vineyard For Sale

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

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[Photo: NWMLS]

MARIJUANA— Legal pot sale in Washington State got off to a slow start on Tuesday. If you were one of the lucky ones to make a purchase before supply ran out, you might need some suggestions for places around Seattle to enjoy the high. Curbed has 12 spots in mind for you.

SAN JUANS— Dream of owning your own working vineyard? Well, San Juan Vineyards is on the market for $1.55M. The 32.6 acre offer includes the winery and equipment, tasting room, open pavilion, on-site chapel, office and a large barn. Check out photos of the property and start saving up.

OUTDOORS WEEK— Curbed's second-ever Outdoors Week is right around the corner. We'll be exploring the city's best roof gardens, public pools and parks. We need your help with recommendations, tips and more. Let us know what we should be covering.