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Samurai Noodle Launching in Houston; Oyster House Reopens in Olympia

EXPANSIONWIRE— Samurai Noodle is following in Top Pot's footsteps and opening an outpost in Texas. CultureMap reports that a location of the Seattle-based ramen shop will launch in Houston by November. The 1,500-square-foot space will be in the same retail strip as another (slightly larger) chain from Seattle: Starbucks. [CultureMap]

OLYMPIA— The Oyster House is re-opening a year after a fire burned down most of the restaurant and resulted in $1.2 million in damage, reports The Olympian. The more than 90-year-old restaurant will launch in a new building with some of the same staff and a similar menu. Doors will open on or around July 20. [The Olympian]

'BUCKSWIRE— Remember that obscenely large, record-breaking coffee drink a patron ordered at a Starbucks in May? The record has been broken, this time by a woman in Florida who ordered a $60.58 beverage with 60 shots of espresso and caramel, white mocha, and hazelnut syrups. [-EN-]
[Photo: Samurai Noodle/Facebook]