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Jason Wilson Talks About Crush's Bright Future

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Good news for lovers of Crush. On Wednesday, Eater reported that Jason Wilson's (Miller's Guild) first, acclaimed restaurant and its property are for sale for just shy of $1 million. Wilson owns the house at 2319 E Madison St. and the restaurant itself and quietly put both (sans name and recipes) on the market nine months ago, changing listing agents last week. The idea, Wilson tells Eater, is not to close Crush when the space is sold, but to reopen in a larger location closer to his new residence on the Eastside.

"Our intention has always been to keep the name, staff, and identity of everything that we've done," Wilson says. "The space is great for a small restaurant, but we're looking to make it bigger and move it closer to our family home." Wilson and his wife Nicole closed on a house in Kirkland last week.

Wilson says Crush's current location is "a really wonderful restaurant space" but instead of remaining owners of the property and leasing it to another restaurant while launching Crush on the Eastside, he and his wife decided to list Crush's Seattle outpost because, "we didn't want to be landlords, we wanted to stay being restaurateurs."

Wilson says he will keep Crush Seattle open until he finds, "someone that wants to purchase the building, restaurant or both." He's "very active" in his hunt for a new home for Crush, telling Eater, "we had a deal locked up, but because selling the property wasn't going as quick as we wanted, we had to postpone it."

"Nicole and I have done amazing things with Crush in a unique and rewarding neighborhood," Wilson says. "We hope to do the same where we land next with our restaurant, Crush is our baby and we will only evolve it through our years."
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