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Ethan Stowell Looking for a "Better Place" for Noyer

Mega-restaurateur Ethan Stowell (mega, at any rate, compared to all but Tom Douglas) confirmed to Eater on Friday that Noyer, his ultra-high-end eatery in Madrona, will not be built out at its original location.

Plans had called for Noyer ("walnut tree" in French) to take over the garden and storage space behind Stowell's popular new steak-frites house, Red Cow, at 34th & E. Union.

"It's not good enough," said Stowell of the location. No word yet on where the new space will be, although Jason Wilson has Crush, his house-restaurant at 23rd & E Madison, listed for sale. It's just a mile away, more centrally located, and has better parking.

Noyer was envisioned as a private-event venue for extravagant, multi-course dinners with amazing wines in the $300 per person range (although the concept and price point may change with the new space.) Construction of the Madrona location had been put on hold over the summer.
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