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Bluebird Is Making Spoon and A$AP Rocky Ice Cream Flavors for Capitol Hill Block Party

[Photo: Bluebird/Facebook; Spoon/Facebook; A$AP Rocky/Facebook]

The naming ice cream after musicians trend continues: Bluebird is churning two new flavors in time for this weekend's Capitol Hill Block Party: "A$AP Rocky Road" with the rapper A$AP Rocky "Cherry Bomb" with the band Spoon.

Bluebird has collaborated on flavors with Block Party performers since the ice cream shop launched its Capitol Hill store in 2009, including Phantogram's "Phantograham" and Girl Talk's "Feed The Animals."

Full Tilt is also in on the dessert name game. The ice creamery created a whole lot of buzz last winter when Mudhoney played an in-store at its tiny White Center flagship for the launch of their honey cinnamon/fudge swirl flavor, followed up with "My Toffee's on Broadway" for Sir-Mix-A-Lot and "Millions of Peaches" for The Presidents of the United States of America.
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