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Seattle's Bike Share Stations; $1,600/mo. Rentals in Ballard

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.


[Photo: Pronto Cycle Share]

BIKE SHARE— We're getting closer to the launch of Pronto Cycle Share, Seattle's bike share program. While they're not locked up 100%, we know the fifty locations where Pronto wants to put its first bike stations. From U-District to Capitol Hill to Pioneer Square, check out the maps and start pre-planning your commute.

CAPITOL HILL— Architect Peter Bohlin is kind of a big deal. He's designed Seattle City Hall, Ballard Library, and a multitude of iconic Apple Stores around the world. He also designed an award-winning Contemporary 3-BR that just hit the market in Capitol Hill asking $1.39M. Stunning pics this-a-way.

BALLARD— Last month we heard that the average rent in Ballard is up to a staggering $1,628/month. Naturally, we wanted to find out what you can actually get for that money. Is it all shiny new condos or are there some architectural gems mixed in there? See what we found.