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Swank & Swine Opens in PDX; Picnicking in Vancouver

Welcome back to CascadiaWire, covering the latest restaurant news from up-and-down the Pacific Northwest corridor.

Swank & Swine, Portland. [Photo: Avila/EPDX]

PORTLAND— Chef Daniel Mondok (you may know him from his restaurants Sel Gris and Paulee) has a new project in downtown Portland: Swank & Swine, two concepts now open inside the Paramount Hotel. Unsurprisingly, Swank is the fine-dining arm, offering Mondok's signature dishes like sweetbreads and aebleskiver and salt-and-pepper calamari. Swine, meanwhile, is the more casual moonshine and whiskey bar that lives true to its porky name: Expect dishes like pigs in a blanket and a sweet-and-savory bacon cheesecake. Head over to EPDX for a full look inside. [EPDX]

VANCOUVER— Vancouver looks its absolute best on a summery day and what goes better with a beachside sunset than a food truck festival? We despatched our photographer Robyn Hanson to capture the action at the Sunset Beach Social which will be rolling into town every Friday until the end of the summer. If all that sunshine is inspiring you to head out for a spot of al fresco dining then this map of where to get the best gourmet picnics in the city is just what you need. Posh hampers ahoy! [EVAN]

PORTLAND— This weekend, the Portland area hosts two of the region's top drinking events: Downtown's Oregon Brewer's Festival and wine country's International Pinot Noir Celebration. In case you've missed the boat on both, Eater PDX collects a half-dozen other booze events occurring between now and Labor Day. And if espresso is your preferred fix, check out the latest installment of Unfiltered for a look inside the charming Either/Or Cafe, named (in Portland style) for both Kierkegaard and Elliot Smith. [EPDX]

VANCOUVER— Seasonal treat alert! BC blueberries are everywhere in the city right now, so of course Vancouver's chefs and bartenders have gotten busy. From cocktails and ice cream to salads and pies we've mapped where you can indulge in non-stop blueberry madness across town. Beloved Vancouver restaurant, Chambar is on the move to a new location—next door. Take a look inside and prepare to swoon over the stunning private roof terrace. [EVAN]