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Giddy Up Burgers & Greens Is Headed for Frelard

[Photo: Paul Mendez]

Giddy Up is bringing burgers and a salad bar to Frelard next month. Paul Mendez tells Eater that he's opening the "family-oriented" craft burger spot in a totally gutted and made-over convenience store down the street from The Dish and Bourbon & Bones.

Giddy Up will serve plenty of potatoes, but Mendez is including that salad bar, rarely found outside of grocery stores like Whole Foods or Microsoft HQ, as a way to offer diners "a nice healthy substitute" to fries. Meat for patties will be ground in-house and the still in-progress menu includes poultry and veggie burger options.

Mendez, a first-time restaurateur with almost two decades of experience working for distilleries, distributors, and wineries, says Giddy Up plans to stock a few spirits for boozy shakes, plus beer and wine.

Giddy Up is shooting to be open in a few weeks, although Mendez says he's "not going to open the doors and stumble out of the gates" unless staff is ready to go. Expect the barn doors to slide open right around August 11.
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Giddy Up Burgers & Greens

4600 Leary Way Seattle, WA 98107