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Handlebar Coffee Gets a New Name; Kitchensurfing Coming to Seattle

CAFFEINE NATION— The owners of the coffee bike cart formerly known as Handlebar have a new name. Responding to a cease and desist letter from a roastery in California by the same name, Alex Johnstone and David Rothstein are now calling themselves Convoy. [Facebook]

CAPITOL HILL— After trying every single thing on the menu at Neil Robertson's Crumble & Flake, Serious Eats calls out the best of the best. On the "love" list? Pink peppercorn cookies, "cheweos" (a riff on the Oreo,) and weekend-only pistachio croissants. [Serious Eats]

SEATTLE— Kitchensurfing is launching in Seattle on July 15. The service connects local professional chefs with people throwing full-on events or smaller dinners at home. Seattle is Kitchensurfing's fifth market in the U.S. [EaterWire]
[Photo: Convoy/Facebook]

Crumble And Flake

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