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Poll: Which Local Burger Chain Is the Best?

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[Photos: S. Pratt; Kidd Valley/Facebook; Blue Moon/Facebook; Red Mill/Facebook]

It's a question that scores of red-blooded, meat-eating Seattleites have pondered: Which fast food spot serves the best burger? Eater is on a mission to settle the matter during this, The Five Days of Meat.

Pluck out the national chains and you're left with four Seattle-based options: Blue Moon, Dick's, Kidd Valley, and Red Mill. To qualify, each restaurant must operate three or more stores. Fun facts: Dick's opened its first location in 1954, followed by Kidd Valley in 1975, Red Mill in 1994, and Blue Moon in 2000.

What's your favorite local burger chain that's easy on the wallet? Have your say in our poll. A winner will be crowned on Friday.

Poll results

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Dick's Drive-In

24220 Pacific Highway South, , WA 98032 (206) 304-5025 Visit Website