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Barbecue by the Numbers: Pinky's Kitchen

[Photo: Pinky's Kitchen/Facebook]

Pinky's Kitchen, the Wallingford barbecue truck permanently pitched next to Rancho Bravo on 45th St. goes through a whole lot of meat and sauce each week. Co-owner Andrew Bray gave Eater the intel on what it takes to keep serving all of those helpings of whiskey pork and homemade potato chips.

· Meat supplier: Seabend Meat Co.
· Most popular meat: Pork, with brisket and smoked fried chicken sandwiches tying for a second place.
· Potatoes used for homemade chips per week: 200 lbs
· Pounds of pork sold per week: 810 lbs

· Amount of sauce used per week: About 38 gallons. Pinky's makes six sauces.
· Most popular sauce of the six: Sweet sassy molassy.
· What sells out first: Ribs.
· Busiest Time of Day: Bray says it's totally unpredictable and "so random." Sunny days are usually best, but if it's raining Pinky's can end up being slow or slammed.

Are there plans for Pinky's to start smoking all of that meat in a brick-and-mortar location? Bray is coy, telling Eater his barbecue spot "plans on taking over the world."
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Pinky's Kitchen

210 NE 45th St. Seattle, WA 98105