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Rogue Cidery Launches; Insects For Sale at Central Co-Op

ISSAQUAH— Sharing space with its Issaquah Brewhouse, Rogue Cidery launches this Tuesday, August 19. A ribbon cutting is scheduled for 5 p.m. followed by apple bobbing and a dunk tank. It's Rogue's first cidery, although the Oregon-based brewery began making cider earlier this year. Nine ciders will be poured on opening day, including Pink Gin Cider, Dead Guy Whiskey Cider, and 7 Hop Cider. The company is opening Rogue Sodaery in Eugene on August 23. [EaterWire]

INSECT WIRE—Capitol Hill restaurants considering crickets on the menu don't have far to travel to buy ingredients: Central Co-Op now sells insects. Mealworms, organic cricket flour, and organic mealworm flour are for sale in addition to protein-packed, organic whole roasted crickets. [EaterWire]

WEST SEATTLE—Fresh Bistro hosts a pig roast on Saturday, August 30. The Hawaiian-themed event includes pork brined with Aloha Shoyu and brown sugar, then rubbed with Chinese double black soy sauce. Plus Spam fried rice, tomato poke, Hawaiian macaroni salad, and more for $20 a person. Book reservations via OpenTable. [EaterWire]
[Photo: Fresh Bistro/Facebook]