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Peel & Press Is Replacing Abbondanza in West Seattle

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[Photo: Abbondanza Pizzeria/Facebook]

Peel & Press is taking over the Abbondanza Pizzeria space in West Seattle's Morgan Junction. The new project from food and beverage industry vet Dan Austin will open this fall with some of the same recipes and staff from Abbondanza. Besides the name and ownership change, the dining room is getting a refresh and the pizza and pasta-centric menu is being refined.

It's the first independent restaurant project for Austin, a West Seattle resident and longtime Abbondanza customer who has worked for chains like Red Robin, Papa Johns, and Starbucks. He's keeping the brick oven and dough recipes, but expanding the shop's pizza menu to include more toppings and "complex pies." Many pasta offerings, including spicy ravioli and gnocchi, will stay. Peel & Press will debut a new dessert program and cocktails that use fresh-pressed juice.

"It's a growing neighborhood, and I'm really excited to add to that mix as another place to check out and grab a drink," Austin says. He gets the keys September 1 and will spend the month switching up fixtures, painting, and training staff. Look for Peel & Press to open right around October 1.
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Peel & Press

6503 California Ave. SW Seattle, WA 98136