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Lunchbox Lab's "Experiment Menu"; A Mind-Blowing Roast Beef Sandwich

FRIED FOOD WIRE— Lunchbox Lab is now serving a "breaded-deep-fried-sausage-wrapped-hard-boiled-egg" with bacon, Havarti, onions, and barbecue sauce. Served on an organic bun. Part of the burger chainlet's "experiment menu," the sandwich is offered through September 10 at Lunchbox Lab's South Lake Union and Bellevue locations. Take a look. [Facebook]

ARBITRARY LISTICLES— Seven Seattle secrets are revealed over on Huffington Post, including "authentic Mexican tacos in a dingy mall" from Capitol Hill's Tacos Chukis. Also, "a gauge-wearing, shaggy-faced hippie" will prepare a roast beef sandwich at Homegrown that "will blow your mind." [HuffPo]

CAPITOL HILL—After almost two years, Essence Wine has closed, reports CHS. An art supply store is lined up to replace the E Pine space. [CHS]
[Photo: Tacos Chukis/Facebook]

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