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The Pantry's Fruit Harvest Supper; Ten on 9th Opens in Former Venik Space

BALLARD— Some seats are still open for The Pantry at Delancey's Fruit Harvest Suppers this weekend. The $90, multi-course meal includes grilled watermelon with berbere spice and fromage blanc, fried green tomatoes, and blackberry-lacquered pork roast. Also, fall classes and events are posted, including a session from Seattle Meat Collective that lets students take home more than 30 pounds of sustainably raised beef. [EaterWire]

SOUTH LAKE UNION— Serving "custom craft and vintage-inspired cocktails," Ten on 9th opened in the former Venik space near Banya 5. Owner J. Charles (a former professional musician who has worked in hotel kitchens and at John Howie restaurants) kept Venik bartenders on staff and rolled out a menu that includes "Bok-Bok," "Bloob Bloob," and "Moo." So far, Yelpers like it. [Tipline]

TABLE-TO-FARM— Porkchop & Co.'s Paul Osher is preparing a Farm Dinner at Skylight Farms this Saturday. The $50 meal (add $25 for drinks) features produce from the farm and goat from Boise Creek Boer Goats. Plus, desserts from Parchment and beer from Reuben's Brews. [EaterWire]
[Photo: The Pantry/Facebook]