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Unapologetic Love for Capitol Hill's Corretto; Three Stars for Bryant's Mioposto

Eater reads the reviews so you don't have to.

[Corretto and Mioposto. Photos: S. Pratt]

Seattle Mag's Julien Perry dishes on Capitol Hill's Corretto, which she's visited "half a dozen times" because "I unapologetically love this place." The food at Travis Rosenthal's Italian restaurant doesn't blow her away, but she digs the vibe here, with the "eclectic clientele, accessible location, friendly staff, affordable dishes, lots of regulars."

But back to the food: Perry liked the bruschetta caprese with "killer house-made bread," and the decadent risotto croquette. And she notes that "at least two pasta dishes are worth your time: the just-rich-enough spinach ravioli with Italian sausage, swimming in a porcini cream sauce ($16), and the arrabbiata ($16), a four-cheese ravioli (ricotta, mascarpone, pecorino, Parmesan) topped with basil and roasted-tomato sauce made medium spicy with chili flakes."

Over at The Seattle Times, critic Providence Cicero heads to Mioposto's new location in Bryant and awards it three stars for great pizza: "These oven-blistered beauties have thin, foldable crusts, ballooning edges and a bread-like chew." She wasn't wild about the mushroomy "Fusione del Fungo" sandwich, saying it was "overloaded with sweet-and-sour currants and tasted bitterly of garlic." Cicero struggled with food from a "temperamental" oven at breakfast, and looks forward to the installation of some acoustic panels to absorb the "deafening din."
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Mioposto (West Seattle)

2139 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 (206) 582-1899 Visit Website

Mioposto (NE 55th)

NE 55th, Seattle, WA

Corretto Trattoria and Bar

416 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102 (206) 328-7817 Visit Website