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Tom Douglas Is Launching a Shark Tank-Style Business Incubator Competition

You know, like "Shark Tank with a soul."

Described as, "Shark Tank with a soul," Seattle's best-known restaurateur Tom Douglas is launching a new business incubator called The Lion's Den. The "entrepreneurial business marketplace" from T-Doug and local investor Jeri Andrews will be a bi-annual forum for Seattleites seeking capital investments for new projects, food-related and otherwise. In front of a live audience.

Twice a year Douglas, Andrews, and a group of other local, "wildly successful" investors, are joining forces to provide strategic guidance and funding to projects that are pitched in a lively, "theatrical setting."

According to a press release, "The Lion's Den marries the thrill of the hunt and the art of the deal with creative collaboration, paddle-raising funding, and a roaring fun time."

Entrepreneurs can submit proposals through December 15th; six selected projects will be presented at Palace Ballroom on January 15, 2015. Audience members "will have the opportunity to help catapult the startups forward by offering capital and mentorship." Spectator tickets are already on sale for the first event, check the website for the fine print on sending pitches.
· The Lion's Den [Official Site]