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See Photos of Seattle Then and Now; Bob Hope's Blue Ridge Hangout Is for Sale

This week's top hits from Curbed Seattle.

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

THEN & NOW— When Clayton Kauzlaric isn't designing games, he's creating composite images of notable Seattle spots that combine how things looked 100 years ago with how they look today. Check out this stunning gallery of Seattle that shoves modern buildings together with vintage streets.

BLUE RIDGE— Bob Hope didn't own a house in Seattle but when he would visit, he would always stay in this stunning 3-BR in Blue Ridge, owned at the time by Boeing executive D.R. Drew. Now on the market for $3.7M, you have the chance to see the same 180 degree views of Puget Sound he saw and swim in the same impressive pool he did. Check out the photos this-a-way.

WATERFRONT— Last November, we felt a mix of delight and horror with news that the redeveloped Seattle Waterfront could include a public barge pool. For better or worse, those plans have been sunk. Check out the rendering to see what could have been (but is probably best not to).