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Gang Violence On Capitol Hill; Matt Dillon on Pioneer Square's Restaurant Scene

CAPITOL HILL— Jason Lajeunesse (Neumos, Big Mario's, Lost Lake partner) sent a letter to Mayor Murray and others addressing Capitol Hill's "gang activity," reports CHS. Writing, "SOMONE IS GOING TO GET RAPED OR KILLED and SPD AND MAYORS OFFICE WILL BE TO BLAME," Lajeunesse says a gang has been "terrorizing our neighborhood" for a couple of years and that violence has been increasing, including an assault inside Lost Lake during brunch last Saturday. [CHS]

PIONEER SQUARE— What does chef Matt Dillon think about the recent restaurant explosion he happened to begin in Pioneer Square? The Sitka and Spruce, Bar Ferd'nand, Corson Building, Bar Sajor, and London Plane owner tells Seattle Met, "I'm happy for the people who are opening restaurants. But all of a sudden it's like nine new restaurants down there. That big push…it feels very Seattle to me. [Nosh Pit]

BALLARD— Bastille is serving dishes from France's Alsace region near Germany from September 21-25. Chef Jason Stoneburner will serve a mish mash of French and German cuisine, including a knockwurst, bockwurst, smoked pork shank, house bacon, and braised sauerkraut platter and escargot with garlic, shallot, cumin, anise, and parsley. [EaterWire]
[Bar Sajor. Photo: S. Pratt]

Bastille Cafe and Bar

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