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Trove Is Almost Ready to Debut on Capitol Hill

[Trove's eight tabletop barbecues, pre-installation.]

Trove is on track to softly open the weekend of September 12. That's plenty of time to get acquainted with the highly anticipated new fourplex from Joule and Revel's Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi. When Yang first saw the firecracker red that dips the ceiling and top quarter of Trove's walls, she felt like she was "having a heart attack." But now she's a huge fan of the aggressive, bold color because she says it matches the big flavors of the food.

The space, dressed up with design details by local firm Electric Coffin, is full of memorable visuals, from a huge, lit up diorama of Mt. Rainier erupting that's the central focal point of the bar to hand-drawn wallpaper in the main restaurant. Here's a breakdown the 4,000 square-foot space into each of its moving parts:

Noodle Bar
Yang says that she and Chirchi had "all these great ideas," so instead of launching one after another, the pair decided to, "just open four concepts that kill it, and do it all." First up: Sitting at the entrance of the space facing Pike St. is Trove's "rowdy, fun" noodle bar. Expect loud music and a fast pace with woks lining the stove in the open kitchen. Many noodles will be homemade, including seaweed, fennel, and green curry options. Some classic Italian shapes like rigatoni will show up paired with Asian flavors like black bean paste. As one staff member describes it, Trove's noodle bar will be like Yang's casual Revel, the barbecue will be more like the fancier Joule.

Parfait Window
The front of a 20-foot-long ice cream truck has been been sliced off and installed just to the right of Trove's noodle bar. Order inside, or on the street from a window next to the front door. Three rotating frozen custards will be used to build parfaits with some "crazy" flavors and other traditional options. Toppings folded into custard layers include black sesame, miso, and caramel candied peanuts. The window will be open from noon to midnight daily.


[The bar at Trove.]
Trove's central bar sits just behind the front noodle station. There's a window that connects the two so that drinkers can order noodles without walking around the corner. The bar menu focuses on an eclectic, smartly curated beer list. A house-made beer syrup may show up in some of cocktails. Plus, homemade root beer is in the works.

Korean Barbecue
Yang says she's been wanting to do a Korean barbecue ever since she's been in Seattle. "It's very interactive, it's very hands-on," she says. While the noodle bar in front is laid back and familiar, the sit-down restaurant with eight tableside grill stations will include more "exotic" flavors. "The whole deal with Korean-style barbecue is that it's about eating with friends, with your hands," Yang says. Meat will be pre-seasoned and cut to the thickness that allows it to cook optimally. Fill lettuce wraps with pork or beef, pickled daikon and rhubarb, kimchi, and sauces including soybean and chili paste and sesame oil. Diners that aren't seated at a coveted grill table will be able to order from a full, shareable small-plates menu.


[Trove, under construction.]
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