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Pocket Bakery Pops Up in the Central District

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Another bakeshop pop-up? The more the merrier.

The spread at a recent Pocket Bakery pop-up
The spread at a recent Pocket Bakery pop-up
Pocket Bakery/Facebook

Until he launches a brick-and-mortar bakeshop in the Central District, Josh Grunig is hosting his Pocket Bakery in the former Magpie location on Saturdays. Serendipitously, the weekly bakery in a former kid boutique sits next to multi-roaster cafe Tougo, making the happy marriage of pourover coffee and freshly baked cinnamon rolls a reality.

A professional baker for the past eight years, Grunig tells Eater he's worked a brick oven in Napa and was head baker in a Palo Alto bakery before moving to Seattle two years back, where he's been night manager at Grand Central Bakery in SoDo. Grunig is focused on serving his peach hand pies, mini sourdough loaves, and slices of birthday cake in the Central District because, "There are not a lot food choices, especially a stand-out bakery."

Ingredients are sourced locally and are organic "whenever possible" to make parmesan sage scones and maple bacon pecan cookies that Grunig hopes will leave the neighborhood "wanting more." While he isn't ready to confirm the exact location of Pocket's permanent address, Grunig is looking "within a stone's throw" of the pop-up's location at 2002 Union St. E. Hours are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday.