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Phinney Ridge Scores a Vegan Candy Shop

Violet Sweet Shoppe brings salted peanut butter cups and homemade candy bars to Phinney Ave.

Violet Sweet Shoppe's bakery near U-Village
Violet Sweet Shoppe's bakery near U-Village
Violet Sweet Shoppe/Facebook

Next month, Violet Sweet Shoppe opens a vegan candy store in a section of the former Mae's Cafe space in Phinney Ridge. Violet started serving tartlets, black forest cake, and shortbread at its original bakeshop near U-Village in 2012; Phinneywood reports that owners Crystal and Michael Chinn wanted to open a new, candy-centric outpost closer to their Ballard home.

Since the new candy store doesn't have a kitchen, production for both locations will happen at the bakery. The company sells entirely egg and dairy-free sweets; several gluten-free options will also be up-for-grabs at the shop, including organic candy and chocolate bars.

Violet Sweet Shoppe, 6410 Phinney Ave. N.,, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day except Tuesday.