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The Owner of Musashi’s Is Launching a New Sushi Concept in Capitol Hill

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Gokan is coming from the good people behind Wallingford's perpetually packed Musashi’s.

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Gokan will open in the new Evolve Apartments.
Gokan will open in the new Evolve Apartments.
Evolve Apartments

Is there room for more sushi in Capitol Hill? If it's from the owner of Wallingford's excellent Musashi's, then the answer is clearly yes. Musashi's Jun Park is launching a sushi bar called Gokan in the new Evolve Apartments at 954 E. Union St.

Park told Eater this morning that he'd been looking for the right space in Capitol Hill for a little while and "decided to take a chance" on a new, "upscale" concept. Gokan will seat 100 and include tatami rooms for private events. Construction has begun, and Park says it's now just "a matter of time" until the space launches. If the schedule keeps, Gokan will open right around the holidays. There's no website or social media pages up for the restaurant yet, so stay close for updates.