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Miyabi 45th Launches “Evil Twin” Pop-Up Onibaba Ramen

Ramen takes over on Wednesdays at the Wallingford soba restaurant.

Chef and Co-Owner Mutsuko Soma
Chef and Co-Owner Mutsuko Soma
Suzi Pratt

After hosting several popular ramen nights at Miyabi 45th, chef Mutsuko Soma is making ramen a regular thing. Soma is about to launch Onibaba Ramen, a weekly lunch pop-up featuring house-made noodles dunked in broths including miso, shoyu, and shio. The chef says some non-traditional ramen styles will be added to the small menu after the pop-up hits its stride.

About the name: Onibaba, "a mythical Japanese demon that bears the appearance of a maniacal old woman and feasts on humans," is inspired by the notion that Soma, a master soba maker, began tinkering in the "dark side" by making ramen. The chef jokingly calls ramen the "evil twin to soba."

Onibaba softly opens this Friday, October 3 ,for a one-night-only meal including live music and performance art for $30 per person. On October 8, Soma starts up regular Onibaba hours during Wednesday lunch.

Onibaba Ramen Pop-Up at Miyabi 45th, 2208 N 45th St, Wallingford, Facebook page, (206) 632-4545, Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Miyabi 45th

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