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Rage Against the Machine Guitarist Rages Against Seattle's Five Point Cafe

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5 Point owner Dave Meinert says: "Rock stars don't get special treatment at The 5 Point. We couldn't give less of a shit."

5 Point/Facebook

The 5 Point Cafe took heat from Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello after the guitarist was denied entry last weekend, claiming that the Belltown bar has "super-rude staff" and is "antiworker."

The band was in town for a show benefiting 15 Now at El Corazon last Friday; it's ironic that 5 Point owner Dave Meinert happens to be one of the city's most notable players in the debate leading up to the passage of Seattle's minimum wage law.

According to, Morello and his entourage tried to occupy a "special room" at the restaurant after the band's performance late Friday. When he arrived, Meinert says the 5 Point was full with a line out the door; Morello quickly sent the first of a string of tweets slamming the restaurant after a doorman denied him entry.

5 point tweets

Meinert's full response, via Facebook:

For the record Tom Morello - The 5 Point is totally pro-worker. We try to pay more than any other small restaurant, and on top of the higher pay, we offer health insurance, paid sick days, paid time off, retirement and profit share. Sorry if you had an issue with our staff, but typically our staff is awesome, and when they are not, it's usually a reflection of the customer. Act like a prick = get treated like a prick.

I have to say, your attacking a small business without knowing anything about it, or addressing your problem with them directly before you go on a public rant, pretty much sucks. Just lost a ton of respect for you, and I've been a fan for years, both of your work in Rage and your work for workers rights since.

PS - rock stars don't get special treatment at The 5 Point. We couldn't give less of a shit. Sorry.

And PSS - I'm the owner of the 5 Point and have worked to raise the minimum wage in Seattle and support the same nationally, worked to get paid sick days law in Seattle, and am supporting a City sponsored retirement plan for employees of small businesses. I hope you do the same for your employees on the road...

PSSS - turns out he and his crew didn't get let in as the place was at capacity and there was a line. No one was being let in. According to our doorman who I totally trust, Tom and his crew were all totally rude. Quote from the door guys "I knew who he was, we had no room, his whole party was being rude. He wanted a special room in the back. Clearly had no ideas what it is like inside. I've told bigger rock stars than him no."

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