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Seattle's Most Expensive Listings, A Seahawks Fan's Home Horseshoe Bar

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

QUEEN ANNE— In 1905, businessman Harry Whitney Treat had prominent architects Charles Bebb and Louis Mendel build a 64-room house at 1 W Highland Drive in Queen Anne for the then-insanely large sum of $101K (roughly $2.5M today). Now known as the 15-apartment Gable House complex, it's on the market for $11.8M.

ALKI— Going to a Seahawks game is going to be a tough ticket this year. Better to just invite everyone over to your Alki penthouse and crowd around your personal horseshoe bar for a game experience from the comfort of home. Oh, is that not your place? Well check out the $1.25M listing to see if it will be.

EXPENSIVE DIGS— Pricy rentals are the talk of the town but Seattle is home to some seriously high-priced homes for sale as well. Curbed's map of the 25 most expensive listings currently on the market ranges from a "cheap" $3.42M to a $9.95M estate in Windermere. La-di-da.

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