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Il Corvo Rolling Out Occasional Dinner Service

In collaboration with Miles James of Dot's.

Il Corvo
Il Corvo

Highly-praised Pioneer Square lunch spot Il Corvo is soon to serve occasional dinners. Owner Mike Easton is collaborating with Chef Miles James of now-closed Dot's for an every-other-Saturday themed four-course affair. James and Easton are taking reservations for a January 24th duck-themed dinner, a February 14 "treasures from the sea" menu, and a TBA February 28 dinner.

As Easton writes on the Il Corvo site, "There will be no substitutions for any of the menus," so don't even think about it. To make a reservation, you're asked to call the restaurant at (206) 538-0999, and leave a message. The dinners are likely to sell out fast -- if they haven't already -- but don't despair; there will be more announced on the website.

Il Corvo

217 James St, Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 538-0999 Visit Website