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After Almost 20 Years, Capitol Hill's Kingfish Cafe Is Closing [UPDATED]

January 25 is the final day of service.

Suzi Pratt/Getty Images

Terrible news, Capitol Hill corridor: The Kingfish Cafe is closing its doors after nearly 20 years of serving Seattle their Soul Food. Sisters Leslie and Laurie Coaston announced the news on the restaurant's Facebook page on Tuesday evening, January 13.

Kingfish first opened in April 1997, sharing family recipes with their hush puppy-loving customer base in the off-the-beaten-path corridor of Capitol Hill's 19th Avenue. "We never imagined that you would embrace us and let us into your hearts in the way that you have," they wrote in their post.

They continue, "But the time has come for us to take down the photographs, gather up the family recipes, dim the lights and close our doors for the last time. On January 25, we will close the Kingfish Café."

Hurry up and say your goodbyes, Seattle. It's a huge loss not just for the neighborhood but for some of the truest food the town has ever eaten. You will be missed, ladies.

UPDATE: The Seattle Times is reporting that the Coaston sisters may be plotting a future project:

...she and her sister hope to open another soul food restaurant in the near future and will likely keep the Kingfish name. It will be a casual restaurant and the food concept will share some resemblance to the old Kingfish, though the sisters said they're not ready to discuss their new project.

Kingfish Cafe

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