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Seattle's Best Dog Walker; Smith Tower Sold For $74M

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

IT CAME FROM CRAIGSLIST -- Are you rich, live in Seattle and own a dog? Your dreams have been answered in the form of a Craigslist ad for a dog walker who caters directly to you. He even promises not to bathe in your foie gras. Sit back, relax and check out Curbed's breakdown of the "dopest, most swagger-out legend of the universe dog-walking champion in Seattle."

COOL MAP THING -- While Seattle loves its pets, it's not actually among the nation's most pet-friendly cities for renters. HotPads broke down the availability of pet-friendly rentals by zip code and it's clear that if you're looking to share a rented space with an animal, you're going to have much better luck on the other side of Lake Washington. Curbed breaks down the data and finds the best & worst spots around town.

SOLD STUFF -- Bought for 36.8M in 2012, the soon-to-be-101-year-old Smith Tower was just sold for $73.7M. That purchase price includes the nearby Florence Building as well. New owner Unico plans to upgrade facilities on the Observation Deck & Chinese Room as well as partner with the Seattle Underground Tour to make the tower's iconic spots atop the city part of the itinerary.