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MistralKitchen's New Jewel Box Bar Serves Cocktails in Fancy Glassware

The custom pieces are for sale, too.

Jewel Box Bar
Jewel Box Bar

Chef William Belickis unveiled the new Jewel Box Bar at his five-year-old MistralKitchen restaurant on Tuesday. The bar serves a small plates menu of Korean- and Spanish-influenced dishes that are meant to pair well with the bar's cocktail and beer selection. The space is meant to be a mix of casual — hey, there's beer here — and elegant, as evidenced in part by the design. The bar is decorated with custom cocktail glassware created by Pennsylvania-based glass artist Michael Schunke; your cocktail also comes served in one of these beauties, and if you like it, MistralKitchen will happily sell it to you.

Mistral Kitchen

2020 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121